Steps to Setup Mywifiext via WPS Button

Mywifiext is the default web address for Netgear Range extender. Use WiFi Analytics App to test the strength of WiFi and to setup your WiFi range extender. It helps in identifying the weakest coverage of WiFi. After installing WiFi extender, you can test the signal strength of your internet by using Netgear app. The WiFi Analytics App can helps you to monitor signal strength, optimize the hom network, check network status and check out the WiFi channels. You can easily select the channel that has least traffic and interference.

Netgear range extender amplify the bandwidth of the internet in order to enable the multiple usages throughout the home or office. It aids in increasing the bandwidth of internet security. If you install Netgear range extender efficiently then you can enjoy the internet without any hassle.

Netgear range extender gives Dual-band and Tri-band WiFi range extender. It has innovative antenna design which gives excellent coverage for your home and office. With this device, you also get the congestion-free path for all the devices that are connected to the Internet. When Netgear range extender works with ISP Gateway or WiFi router then you will not get enough WiFi coverage from Internet Service Provide (ISP). In this type of case, a Tri-band WiFi range extender is used to boost the WiFi coverage into the every corner of your house and you can use the same WiFi name. If you are using Nighthawk Mask extender then it will improves the WiFi coverage and connectivity.

How to Setup Netgear Range Extender via WPS Button?

  • Follow below steps to setup WiFi range extender by using WPS button if your wireless network supports WPS:
  • Firstly, press and hold WPS button on Netgear range extender for 5 seconds. The LED light of WPS on the front side starts blinking.
  • In the next step, press WPS button on gateway, wireless router or access point within 2 minutes. Now, wait for 3 minutes when the extender connects to the existing wireless network.
  • If you are successfully connected then the WPS LED on the extender turns solid green and after that 2.4 GHz link rate LED light starts blinking. 
  • In case, your router supports 5GHz then you can repeat all the above steps to connect your extender to the 5GHz band. In case, if you connect with your extender then 5GHz link rate LED on your extender light up. 
  • Enter mywifiext from any web browser to view the wireless name and password. 


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  3. mywifiext

    Using mywifiext in the proper method is necessary. It helps the user to run their extender perfectly. We can use this during setup or log in with a username and password. It helps the extender to run properly.

  4. Extender Password

    We can use the Extender Password in settings. We use it at the time of setup and login. Users can easily change the settings with an extender password. It is also effective in firmware updates in other contexts.


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